Hastings and Beyond

When Lucy Attwood and I met on the night of Rye Bonfire 2015, I thought this would be another one of those ideas that leads to nowhere - a flame of hope that will be put out by reality. Oh, how wrong I was. I am writing with just over a week ...
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The Beginnings of the ramblings of a strange russian artist.

Sorry I have been a long time since I last wrote here, I am pretty new to this idea of keeping myself informed – a way of keeping a log of what’s going on in my head – a space to record my thoughts, my ideas, my strangeness. I know that I ...
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Rostislav Romanov  and his mentor John Hinchcliffe

My First Blog Post | In Thanks to Artists and Friends Along the Way

Rostislav Romanov with his mentor John Hinchcliffe I’d like to start the journey of exploring my truth, through my art and my blog, by providing some insight and understanding of where I began. I will try to keep this short though I do ramble sometimes, but that is the way I am in ...
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